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Quessandra "Q" Catlett---Powerlifter

Rugby player turned powerlifter, she had a spectacular 2016 campaign, her first year in the sport.  She competed three times, including I.P.L. World's, where she set the WA state, American, and World records for the 90+kg Women's Jr division and took home first place.

2017 started off right where she left off from World's at her first meet.  She came out of the gate and became one of the few women to squat 500 lbs raw!  Now, her attention and training is in prep for her first World's meet in the "Open" category in November!


Brooke Pighin

Brooke Pighin has been passionate about fitness from a young age. She was only 15 years old the first time she really stepped foot in a gym. After witnessing professional Track athletes & football players Olympic lifting she knew (coach made her) her focus needed to be on quick explosive strength! Little did she know that she would later be competing around the world with those Track athletes on the national team. Brooke is an All-American Javelin thrower with a best finish of 4th place at a World Championship Games in 2010.

The combination of wanting a change for a bit (or indefinitely), & over the years also witnessing fitness models of sorts working hard on their physique...she realized quickly who she wanted to be & what she needed to do to get there. This is how Brooke's journey with aesthetics began.


Jaedon Devilliers

Check back May 21, 2017 after Jaedon competes for the full story!